Cattle Management System

Case study for the Festada app – a transparent and automated cattle management system.


Client’s wish

Originally, the client wanted to just modify the functioning basic concept and add some new features. After examining the presented version of the app, however, we concluded it would be easier to create a brand-new app using up-to-date technologies so it could be used well into future.

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Challenge for our developers

The most difficult part was the deadline – the new version was supposed to be launched only in 10 weeks after the start of the project. There were also some issues with Excel data import. Moreover, we didn’t have too much of an agricultural background. This meant we had to discuss each functionality in great detail in order to gradually grasp the basics of such a remote area of expertise as cattle management.


How we approached the project

Being under time pressure, we used the already existing back-end foundation created in .NETcore, implemented Entity Framework and designed a web app in React.js. This allowed us to employ both the front-end and the back-end team and distribute the workload between them in order to finish in time.


App highlights

  • Transparent records for each animal including information on reproduction, efficiency and pedigree
  • Herd records summary, including number of animals, average age or number of ancestries, plus interannual evaluation.
  • Easy calculations for reproduction
  • Other useful features: contacts, veterinary diary and notes


Festada s. r. o.

A highly functional cattle management system.

Simple and automated.

Time framework 

  • The initial version was launched in less than 3 months.
  • The app is still being expanded and we keep adding new functionalities.

Client’s reference

“Our cooperation with Think Easy started in May 2021. The original plan was just to modify the demo version of our app, but in the end, we decided to create a whole new and a more solid system. Within a few weeks, the guys managed to design a cool app that surely surpassed our expectations. Regular monitoring, tests and meetings were integral part of the process. The company impressed us with a 100% professional approach and excellent IT expertise. No matter how complex our requirements were, they always came up with feasible solutions and great ideas. We keep working together, create further extensions for the app and add new features. We can’t recommend Think Easy highly enough!”

Dominika Sokolová, Festada, s. r. o.


Methods used for development

For the front-end development, we used React.js – just as with most of our other projects. The back-end foundation created in .NETcore remained more or less the same. However, we did some refactoring and modified it in such a way that the changes wouldn’t impact the behaviour of the code. Furthermore, we programmed extensions for REST API and other technologies. The app as a whole is run using the cloud solution Amazon Web Services.

System preview