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Do you need a tool for smooth business processes and workflow management, but don’t want to settle for a generic solution? Thanks to our broad portfolio, we can develop a custom-made system for you.

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What platform do you need your business to “run” on? We offer both simple and highly complex software and will be happy to recommend the suitable option for you. Feel free to contact us for advice.

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ERP systems

ERS (Electronic Register of Sales) cash registers

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ERP system

Enterprise Resource Planning, or complex enterprise information systems

ERP systems provide an umbrella solution for financial management, HR activities, production, logistics, marketing and sales. All these fields are connected into one functional whole. This increases the process efficiency, from the first contact with the customer to the final distribution and billing.

  • Boost your performance and increase the efficiency of your business. Everything runs smoothly, without you having to pay close attention to individual business processes and their relations to subsequent steps across other departments.
  • Automate processes that consume a large portion of your employees’ time. With ERP systems, they can focus on more important things and reduce their error rate.
  • Have a better overview of past and upcoming activities. Schedule working time based on existing orders and prognoses.
    ERP systems report results achieved in the given period. With ERP systems, you can always check how you were doing and go on to a detailed analysis of your weak spots, which makes decisions regarding next steps much easier.
  • Unify ways of thinking across all business departments and keep a common enterprise database with all company data.

CRM system

CRM, or Customer Relationship Management

For most companies today, CRM systems have become nearly indispensable. Why is that? They facilitate recording, sorting and evaluating all activities of your customers. They also enable storing all necessary information: contacts, turnover shares, orders etc. 

  • Learn to know, understand and gauge your customers as well as their needs, wishes and most frequently bought products (including the price range).
  • Have all the documents ready and be able to have a look at your invoices, orders, quotes and other business transactions at any time.
  • Improve your customer service – you’ll know exactly whether your customers use your helpdesk, why they do so and what other business services they’re interested in.
  • Planning and growing your business will now be a piece of cake as you’ll always have all the stats about the ups and downs of your company right at your fingertips.

If you’re considering a CRM system implementation, be careful, though. This is a very robust system not easy to change. We’ll be happy to give you advice on which solution is the best for you.

SaaS model

SaaS, or Software as a Service

  • What is it? The SaaS model is a way of providing software via a web interface or mobile app. This means that the app runs on the side of the provider who leases it for a certain fee. Customers can immediately start using the ready-made solution (ICT, ERP or CRM system) and save costs.

  • Why is it good to build your system as SaaS? Initial costs for building your own robust system are usually huge. With the SaaS model, your expenses will return soon and you will earn some extra money. You’ll get a custom-made software suitable for further sale.

Example: Your business needs a customised ERS cash register. There are other, smaller businesses that need the cash register as much as you but can’t afford it. In case you invest in software development using the SaaS model, the ERS cash register can either be used by you, or you can re-sell it to these smaller businesses. This will ensure the return of your investment and such a solution may bring you a lot of money in the future as well.

Your benefits

  • Development of information systems is an investment, not just a cost. Your software can be customised in such a way that it will not serve only you personally but will allow you to generate income by renting it.
  • Technical support is included. Our professionals are happy to help you with solving any issues or advise you on the system setup.

Benefits for your customers

  • Simplicity. Your customers don’t have to install, set or update anything. The system management is outsourced and everything is taken care of by the provider.
  • Low price. Software is hosted remotely, which means it is not necessary to invest money into special hardware or into development of a custom system. Your customers will pay you the agreed monthly or yearly amount only for features they actually use.

Systems we have developed


Booking system

The Cordeus booking system is a robust web app designed to make things easier for the Cordeus a.s. company. In addition to standard booking system features, it offers a number of tailored functionalities, SEO optimization and connectivity to marketing tools.


Queue management system and IoT

The custom-made queue management system for ČSAP comprises a robust kiosk app, system backend to schedule the sequence of calling numbers and an app for televisions to display called numbers.

ERP system Delpsys

Progressive web application and ERP system

An ERP system implemented by the microservices architecture is connected to a progressive web application for convenient use on mobile devices.

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