Applications development

This we can manage.

Web app development

Would you like to streamline the workflow for your employees, facilitate communication or make your app easier to use for your clients?

Mobile app development

Do you have an idea for a ground-breaking application, or would you like to introduce your services or products in the smartphone market?

Information system development

Is your business constantly growing? Do you need to speed up communication, increase performance or unite sources of information across multiple departments?

We can tailor an ordering or booking system exactly to your needs.

Are you looking for software or application development?

Would you like to streamline and simplify everyday work processes but don’t know how powerful a smartly designed piece of software can be? Or are you going to launch a mobile app that should gain worldwide popularity?

Together we can achieve any of these goals. Despite being IT professionals, we speak everyday “human” language so why not meet over a cup of coffee?

PWA development

Would you like your app to run in offline mode, load faster than a standard website and be able to send notifications?

Progressive web apps can handle all this and much more. 

Blockchain and cryptocurrencies

We can connect your app to Blockchain, build a new blockchain for you or bring your NFTs to life.

Process automation

Would you like to have a software solution to do boring and repetitive tasks for you and focus on other activities instead?

Big data, BI and AI/ML

Do you need software to handle data processing or artificial intelligence in an efficient way?

Internet of Things (IoT)

Combining software and hardware to make life easier for you is one of our programmers’ favourite tasks.

Other services

At Think Easy, you've come to the right place. As IT enthusiasts, we can handle any assignment. We'll connect SAP and banking applications via API, set up complex systems or program a smart home without blinking an eye.