We develop mobile applications

We work together to develop software and mobile applications, streamline business processes and make life easier for end users. We love original ideas and sometimes hours fly by when we engross ourselves in the task at hand. But most importantly – we really enjoy ourselves doing that.

Cross-platform development

Our know-how in the area of cross-platform development is as good as unmatched. Within one framework, we can create an app for Android and iOS, mobile devices as well as smartwatches. Not only do we save your costs, but we are also able to connect your products with kitchen and other appliances through IoT!

iOS applications

Fans of the well-known apple logo will be delighted. In the development process, we put great emphasis on intuitive user experience and attention to detail.

Android applications

The most commonly used operating system with the widest user base demands, above all, thorough testing. This enables us to achieve results close to perfection.

Mobile applications from web (WebView)


Do most visitors access your website from mobile devices? Let’s make it easier for them and implement your web into a mobile app that will have extra features compared to a website.

Our case studies

Read our case study describing how we developed the mobile app “Exitovky” for one of our clients.

Apps we have developed


Hybrid solution for mobile and web application

Get a free drink with Freely every day! The app is equipped with both a web-based and a mobile component. The web app tells you all about the bars, while the mobile app guarantees a smooth performance on both Android and iOS devices. To make things even more interesting, its graphic design has a distinct nightlife touch to it.


Hybrid mobile application

The mobile app Exitovky encourages users to play outdoor exit games. Its functions include, amongst others, a multiplayer solution for various devices or testing of GPS location with an accuracy of meters.

Máme chuť

Hybrid mobile application

Máme Chuť motivates its users to eat out by offering attractive awards for collecting receipts from selected restaurants all over the Czech Republic and Slovakia. The app is available for Android and iOS.

Simple Store

Hybrid solution for mobile and web application

Reliable and simple sales system supporting ERS (Electronic Register of Sales). Simple Store is a system designed for management of the entire store including stacks. It’s available on all mobile devices including the web app.


Hybrid mobile application

Dobročinnka is a mobile app that enables you to support selected charity projects. You donate an amount of your choice, which is then automatically distributed among the projects.

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We will advise you as to which technology should be used, help you to specify your requirements and bring the application to life together.

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