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The ultimate goal of the app development process is always our clients’ satisfaction. See for yourself what they have to say about us and our cooperation.

Our clients

Mobile applications


Mobile application

We were looking for a reputable partner to help us with the development of our mobile app that had already been designed and user tested. Time and a fair price were essential for us. Last but not least, I expected smooth communication and personal approach without unnecessary and obscure technical jargon. Amazingly enough, Think Easy fulfilled all these expectations. Besides being our partner for further technical support, I will be more than happy to entrust the company with upcoming projects for software development!
Vitaly Macnev 

Neighbourly help

Hybrid application

"Of the several companies I approached for my project, I eventually started working with Think Easy, which turned out to be a great choice. I am particularly satisfied with our cooperation in the way we communicate - I do not have to go to Prague from the north of Bohemia to sign something, flexible responses to inducements on video calls, solid suggestions from the company on matters that I do not fully understand but are needed for a successful development. In short, professionalism, seriousness, reliability. Thanks!" Martin Macák


Mobile and web application

When looking for a potential mobile app development partner, we contacted Think Easy and I must say it turned out to be a very good choice. The communication throughout the development process was amazing and the Think Easy team always helped us find the right solution for our needs. I can most certainly recommend this company!” Jakub Urban, CEO Free Drinks

PEPS 2.0

Android app for passive access to car, connected to GATT

Our experience with Think Easy was simply amazing and the guys were willing to accept our tough deadline for the project. Communication was perfect as well. I can´t think of any negatives and look forward to our further cooperation.” Lukáš Mistr, Alpha Vehicle Security Solutions Czech s.r.o.

Korkuma Streamer App

Mobile application

We’ve already had some very positive experience with the Think Easy team, so we knew we wanted to work on our new product with them. Mobile apps for iOS and Android, needed for the successful launch of the live shopping tool Korkuma, were delivered on time and properly tested. The communication throughout all project stages was simply perfect. Thank you very much, we will come back!" Filip Malýpetr, Korkuma team


Mobile application

Choosing Think Easy for our project was a great decision. The cooperation was very smooth and all my requirements were incorporated just as we wanted. I particularly appreciate their reliability, perfect communication and a good price-performance ratio. I can only recommend this company. Finishing the code doesn’t mean our project is over and I hope to continue our cooperation in the same manner. Our goal is to create an app that would be synonymous with outdoor exit games.” Stanislav Zrůst, INTEFOLIO s.r.o.

Youth Time app

Mobile application

When looking for a partner for the development of our app, I came across ThinkEasy and was perfectly happy with the cooperation. Their communication and development skills are highly professional. I also appreciate swift responses to our requirements. ThinkEasy is going to be my first choice for further development and extension of our app.” Anton Golikov, Youth Time s.r.o.


Mobile application

I have appreciated the communication style since the very first meeting. Think Easy is a progressive business run by young and vigorous people! I’m so glad to have come across this company as their approach is really professional! During the ongoing development, we stay in touch on a daily basis and always manage to agree on improvements or modifications. Thank you so much!” Michal Parkanský

Charity app 

Mobile application

Guys from Think Easy found a great solution to a complex IT problem. I appreciate how they improved my idea based on their experience in such a way that it could actually make it to the world of mobile apps. They always point out the missing bits you don’t even know about. The app works great and we’re working on further development and improvement together.” Vojtěch Konečný

Web applications


Web application using scraping technology

For our project, we had a choice of several IT companies. Think Easy convinced us with their precise approach already during the initial analysis. In the subsequent stages of both preparing the documentation and presenting the final outcomes, it became obvious how close attention they paid to the app design. What we particularly appreciate about our cooperation is that the guys give a lot of thought to user-friendliness of the features as well. At the same time, they have a keen eye for details that we as clients wouldn´t even think about. We consider the company to be our highly reliable partner.Zuzana Kačírová, CEO Engerio


Web app for shopping centre management

Choosing an IT supplier is always a complex and tricky affair. Fortunately for us – and for our app – we found Think Easy. Brisk communication, reliability and fair quotation – all that resulted in a modern B2B app for mutual communication and requests. Matěj, Matouš and Honza are young and talented specialists, and I am happy to recommend them to other clients as well.Lukáš Král, CEO Malleen

Přijímačky nanečisto

Web application with courses to prepare for the entrance exam

"Our project that is currently being developed by Think Easy looks even better than we initially imagined it would. The cooperation with this company is really smooth – not only in terms of technology, but also in terms of their personal qualities. Other highlights include a fair price and willingness to implement all our requirements that came up during the development process. I highly recommend.Blanka Hudečková


Administration for managing third-party apps and exporting graphs

"For the purpose of our Quality of Care service, we needed a simple system for sending out questionnaires to employee attitudes. The Think Easy team recommended using the Django administration solution, which proved to be a clear and powerful tool. Not only did we quickly have a prototype for managing questionnaire invitations, the guys at Think Easy also took the supplied export designs and moved the static design into programmable scalable diagrams." Jakub Žákavec, Quality of care


Web application

Members of the Think Easy team showed a great attitude throughout the whole project. There were no problems with communication at all. Sometimes we just brought up an idea and they not only converted it into a code, but also improved it significantly. I can only recommend this company and am looking forward to our next cooperation.” Jan Tipmann, Your World s.r.o.

Information systems


ERP system and progressive web application

Think Easy won our tender for ERP system development. The project was implemented by means of microservices architecture and a progressive web application. I particularly appreciate the brisk responses to our requirements and straightforward communication. The cooperation with Matěj, Matouš and their team is really purposeful. Together with Think Easy we’re launching the next stages of our project.” Jakub Žákavec, Delpsys s.r.o.

Tvůj Správce

Internal information system for the management of rented flats

Think Easy helps us develop our internal information system. I appreciate their fast pace of work and willingness to understand the greater picture, which is essential for our business. We are grateful for their decision to take over the half-finished project and work with a code written by another company.Tomáš Bojda, CEO Tvůj Správce

Queue management system

Queue management system

To boost the efficiency of our healthcare centre, we decided to use a queue management system for incoming clients. We needed a tailor-made application that could be used together with the already deployed systems. Think Easy won the selection process and created a system that satisfied all our requirements. The development process was extremely smooth and we truly appreciate the team’s generous offer to assist us with future modifications at all times.” Lukáš Rybníček, ČSAP o.p.s.


Web application

We began our cooperation with Think Easy in May 2021. The original plan was to fix the demo version of our initial app. In the end, however, we decided to create a new and better app. Within a few weeks, the guys managed to design a cool app that surpassed our expectations. Regular monitoring, testing and meetings were integral part of the process. We were delighted by their professionalism and top-tier expertise. No matter how complex our requirements were, they always managed to suggest adequate solutions and come up with great ideas. Our cooperation goes on, we continuously upgrade the app and add new functionalities. We can only recommend this company!” Dominika Sokolová, Festada s.r.o.

IoT and others

Plus Care

Serverless backend + AWS infrastructure

What I appreciate most about Think Easy is their dynamic style of communication. Using Slack and Trello, we can handle our requests and issues very quickly. All reviews are to the point, and what´s most important, we get to the core of each problem easily. The guys from Think Easy are not afraid to ask questions if our specifications are not clear enough, which is a precious thing I miss in most of the programmers.Oldřich Kašpar, Plus Care s.r.o.

Aquarium light fixtures

Application and IoT (ESP module for a lighting control system)

Cooperation with Think Easy s.r.o. can be highly recommended. I appreciate their personal approach and ability to communicate technical information clearly. The subsequent service and removal of errors discovered only after the software launch (not upon delivery) were on a highly professional level." Vít Hellebrand, Sinkor Aquarium s.r.o.