Outdoor escape games Exitovky 

Case study for the “Exitovky” project for Intefolio s.r.o.


Client’s wish

Our client demanded a mobile application for families or friends who like to play popular exit games (up to 6 players supported). The game also featured educative and cultural elements and was intended for both children and adults.


How we approached the task

Since exit games are more fun when played with friends, multiplayer features were essential. Some difficulties occurred with regards to the synchronization of various device types so that all players could proceed together and see the updated screen. Another challenge was to accommodate the GPS locators to make them accurate up to meters, enabling players to complete the tasks properly. 

It’s also worth mentioning that we didn’t integrate WebSockets allowing for real-time communication between the app and the server. Therefore, we had to find a different solution for updating the game stages.

Benefits of the game

Why the app is worth it

  • It’s equipped with multiplayer support
  • The game can be played by family members or friends and is perfect for teambuilding events as well.
  • GPS-bound tasks encourage players to move between different locations while the time limit is running – this evokes the feeling of a “rush” or “chase” and allows for a more authentic game experience.
  • GPS tolerance for selected distance in meters (can be changed in the administration section).
  • Team management: The game owner can invite up to 5 people to their team – all he or she needs to do is send out an invitation in the app so that others can join.
  • Text normalization (change from y->i, A->a, deleting multiple spaces).
  • 4 types of tasks are available – GPS, ABCD, images, typing unique answers.

Further aspects of the app


  • iOS
  • Android
  • Django administration

Time framework

  • 3 months

Client’s reference

“Choosing Think Easy for our project was a great decision. The cooperation was very smooth and all our requirements were incorporated just as we wished. I particularly appreciate their reliability, perfect communication and a good price-performance ratio. We are going to work on further development of our exit game and cooperate in the same way as we have thus far. I believe that our application will become synonymous with outdoor exit games.”

Stanislav Zrůst, INTEFOLIO s.r.o.