Development of Testing Methodology

Case study: Development of a method for determining attitudes of employees for the “Quality of Care” group


Client’s wish

The group “Quality of Care” needed for its services a new administration interface that would interact with a third-party app (from Engage Hill s. r. o.) to enable testing, using the “word and colour” association method inspired by Max Lüscher. The third-party app facilitates establishing the sensor (creating a test for detecting attitudes of employees/clients), filling in a questionnaire and subsequently doing an analysis of the answers. The new administration interface was required to enable automated creation of sensors, sending emails to respondents, displaying the testing status and exporting results to special customisable templates with vector graphics.

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Challenge for our developers

The toughest part was probably the export of the test results to ready-made graphics in the SVG format. Scaling elements dynamically within the template requires not only a complex logic, but also a long time for rendering into the final PDF file.


How we approached the project

We solved the issue with tricky export by using some analytic geometry. Using ellipsis enabled us to scale the bar charts and to move the indicator on the pie chart.

Long rendering times were cut down using asynchronous tasks to process each export individually. The speed was optimised by means of the command line programmes for conversion from SVG to PDF. This helped us reduce the time necessary for the export of one PDF page from 30 to approximately 5 seconds, during which 150 pages are generated now.


System highlights

  • Batch import of individuals to be tested using CSV, XLSX and other formats
  • Automated sending of emails with links to tests and subsequent “thank you”, as well as reminder emails
  • Export of results in XLSX and PDF both for individuals and teams
  • 5 configurable export templates for individuals and 7 templates for teams
  • Sorting of individuals according to their assignment to teams and organisations
  • Management of the export layout for 46 different attitudes
  • Customised Django administration


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Time framework 

  • 2 months

Client’s reference

“Our service Quality of Care required a simple system for distributing questionnaires to survey employees’ attitudes. The Think Easy team suggested using Django administration, which has proven to be a neatly structured and powerful tool. Not only did we shortly get a prototype for managing the questionnaire invitations, but the guys from Think Easy also took the provided export functionality concepts on board and transformed the static design into scalable charts.”

Mgr. Jakub Žákavec, Ph.D., MBA, Quality of Care group

easy system


Methods used for development

The core of the system is programmed in Python and its Django framework. For the administration interface we used the Django administration, whose screens were enhanced with filters and other features for improved control. Import of individuals is facilitated by the dehydrate tools. Export of results is asynchronous and utilises the framework. Finally, rendering of generated exports is handled by the rsvg tool.

System preview