Business Processes Automation

Stop doing dull and repetitive tasks and enhance your customers’ shopping experience by offering more comfort. Learn more about automation and save plenty of your precious time and money. We can develop custom-made software for you to eliminate all unnecessary and lengthy processes

How Can You Benefit from Automation?

  • You’ll save costs you would otherwise have to spend on repetitive tasks or fixing errors.
  • Your business departments will work more efficiently and faster, not being burdened by small tasks.
  • Automation will make your every next step so much easier – nothing will hold you back in your growth.
  • Error rate for routine processes will drop down to bare minimum – you won’t have to waste time performing careful monitoring.
  • Business operations will be neatly structured, which eliminates misunderstandings.
  • You’ll save on wages by allocating your workforce primarily to complex tasks – the rest can be handled by automation.
  • All information is stored online so nothing gets lost, plus you’ll have a clear view of your business operations at all times.

Which Areas of Automation Do We Cover?

  • For employees – we’ll develop an automation system to make the work for your employees easier.
  • For customers – we’ll create mobile and web apps to enhance the shopping experience and increase your customers’ satisfaction. We can also develop tools for automation of business processes that will be appreciated by your suppliers and business partners alike.
  • For different areas – we can automate processes across various business departments: production, supplies, expedition, communication, human resources management etc.
  • For specific purposes – automation of business processes can take many forms: our solutions may be part of online shops or information systems (IS), or work as mobile and kiosk apps connected to IS, or as information systems and kiosks connected to IoT (Internet of Things).

Our Automation Systems that Make Life Easier

ERP system Delpsys

Progressive web app and ERP

An ERP system implemented using microservice architecture and connected to a progressive web app for excellent user experience on mobile devices.



Queue management system and IoT

Custom-made queue management system for ČSAP consists of a robust kiosk app, which operates the back end and manages the queues, and an app for TVs to display the numbers of clients being called.

Are you interested in automation services?

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