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12.7. 2022

Developing a Mobile App Step by Step – From an Idea to a Successful Project

Do you have an idea for a new mobile app but don’t know how to build it to really make an impact? Developing a mobile app can seem like an ordeal, but if you are familiar with the individual steps and know who to ask for help, there is nothing blocking you from bringing your cool product...

3.6. 2022

What Is an ERP System and How Can It Help Your Business?

Is your business growing, but so is the chaos in your data and processes across various company departments? An ERP system can bring unity into the ideas, data, processes and objectives of your company so that you can expand your business even further. Using an enterprise information system comes with many benefits so let’s go...

3.6. 2022

Development of Custom-Made Web Apps: What Does It Involve And When Is It Worth It?

It’s simple – the more interesting your app, the more success for you. Although an out-of-box solution will get you going with a functional system, investing into development of a tailored web app is much more likely to strike home. You will be able to offer your users something completely unique – something that will exactly match...

3.6. 2022

What Is an CRM System And How Can It Help You to Manage Customer Relationships?

Are you sick and tired of laborious matching of orders and looking up of information? Would you like to have no doubts about which customer you should call, when you should call them, and which offer could be relevant for them? Do away with manual tasks and save a lot of precious time! Your customers will be...

25.11. 2021

Ready-Made Software, or Tailored Solution? Which Is Better for You and Why?

Purchasing a ready-made product can be fast, simple and often relatively cost-effective. Solution based on a universal platform will, however, never offer the possibilities of a custom-made system. What are the main differences between ready-made and tailored solutions? And why is it smart to think ahead before the final decision is made? Purchasing Ready-Made Product vs Designing Solution...

18.11. 2021

Cooperation That Pays Off: What Makes Think Easy No. 1 Partner for Your Project

The world of IT is in a state of constant flux. That’s why it’s not much of an exaggeration to say: Adapt or die. We know how difficult it is to keep up with all the new technology and constantly look out for updates coming from all directions. Believe it or not, our team actually enjoys...

11.11. 2021

15 Reasons to Work for Think Easy!

We’re young, dynamic, enthusiastic about software development, and we love challenges – you’re going to have a great time working with us. We’re constantly educating ourselves and thirst for new knowledge – you’ll learn about all the current IT trends. Our approach is not authoritative; we prefer open and fair communication – you’ll meet not only new colleagues, but also friends.

19.10. 2021

How Expensive Is Web App Development?

Discover different types of web apps and find out what determines their price and the development costs. You’ll also learn how to get real value for money.

21.9. 2020

What Is Agile Software Development and Why Do We Use It?

Software development follows certain methodologies that make the process more efficient and lead to better results, presuming all parameters are set up correctly. One of the best methodologies available to developers is agile development.

10.9. 2020

Why Are Project Managers So Important for Developers (Coders)?

In every start-up, project managers are assigned more roles than one would expect. Not only must they be proficient in human resources and process management, but they should also have natural (business) communication skills, some coding and legal background, as well as enough empathy to understand the client’s needs as and those of the respective team members. This article describes the role of the project manager throughout the entire development process.