15 Reasons to Work for Think Easy!

  1. We’re young, dynamic, enthusiastic about software development, and we love challenges – you’re going to have a great time working with us.
  2. We’re constantly educating ourselves and thirst for new knowledge – you’ll learn about all the current IT trends.
  3. Our approach is not authoritative; we prefer open and fair communication – you’ll meet not only new colleagues, but also friends.
  4. We have rich experience in mobile and web application development and use cutting-edge technology – we’ll teach you how to be an even better developer/coder/tester.
  5. You will be developing unique apps, coding automation solutions, connecting apps with IoT and working on other state-of-the-art software you wouldn’t normally try your hand at – with us you don’t have to fear stereotype.
  6. Our products are synonymous with high quality and reliable work – you can perk up your CV with a reputable company.
  7. We don’t work like machines. Instead, we aim to enrich every application or system with creative elements and innovation – you’ll be free to bring in your own novel ideas.
  8. Our developers are offered diversified training – you can build up your career and expertise.
  9. We rely on the agile development process which is usually divided into two-week spurts – you will be using one of the best methodologies.
  10. Our office is based in a cool district of Prague 10, Vršovice – close to the downtown, with all the fun within your arm’s reach.
  11. Good work deserves good reward – we offer a highly satisfying pay.
  12. We prefer freedom that fosters creativity. You decide your working hours – it’s completely up to you when you get down to work.
  13. No one is required to work on-site (we do, however, prefer a face-to-face meeting during the onboarding stage) – you are free to work on-site, remote or switch between the two.
  14. We organize regular team building events and have a breakfast together every other week in our office. This is the time to unwind and have a chat about topics not related to work – your chance to get to know your colleagues better.
  15. You’re free to take a break during the working hours and enjoy a game of pool or darts – working for us shouldn’t be a drudgery, you can “switch off” if you feel like it.

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What Do Your Colleagues-To-Be Have to Say About Think Easy?

“It’s important for me where I work and whether I can be involved in the management and business operations of the company. Neither of these has ever been a problem with Think Easy. As for the employee benefits, I really appreciate company stand ups and one-to-one meetings. Friendly environment deserves mentioning as well. It almost feels like a family business.
Working for Think Easy enables me to come up with my own ideas, whereby constantly learning and improving. Out of my own initiative, I was and still am being given opportunities to try out new activities that are a source of invaluable work experience. To mention just a few, I was responsible for conducting interviews and got involved in the selection process for the new tester.
Another benefit is the lounge where I can relax on tough days. Despite occasional drawbacks, such as lack of planning and insufficient communication among the team members, I consider my experience with the company so far as overall positive and useful.”

Jan Pfeiffer, Tester, working for Think Easy since September 2019

“Working for Think Easy has brought me not only professional experience, but also lots of fun and new insights into the IT world. We’re using cutting-edge technologies so there are always new things to learn. Being part of the FE team has taught me to pay attention to details I wouldn’t have even noticed or considered important before. I have learnt that every little detail matters.
When working on projects, we do stick to some patterns, but also have a certain degree of freedom. Friendly co-workers are not the only benefit here: There’s a lounge room for short breaks during the day, team building events, great atmosphere and a young and dynamic team.”

Martin Slabý, Front End Developer, working for Think Easy since January 2021

Do you enjoy playing with codes? Are you eager to try out new technologies? And do you want to provide simple IT solutions for complex human problems just as we do? Then we might be looking for you!

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