Progressive web apps (PWA)

We will create a web app with the benefits of mobile technology for you.

What is a progressive web application?

To put it simply, a PWA is a website converted into an app that is automatically downloaded to a mobile phone, tablet or desktop. Unlike websites, which can be comfortably used on mobile phones, PWAs offer many extra features typical for mobile applications.

  1. There is no need to download and install a PWA as it “installs” itself automatically on the web interface
  2. Loads much faster than traditional websites
  3. Can be run in offline mode
  4. PWA can be displayed on all devices regardless of the system
  5. Possibility of sending notifications

And a lot more. We wrote a full article on this.


Do you confuse PWA with WebView?

  1. Unlike WebView, a PWA does not have to be downloaded from App Store or Google Play.
  2. PWA is an independent web app whereas WebView is a mobile app connected to a certain website.
  3. WebView can be built from an already existing website whereas a PWA must be created from scratch.
  4. PWA can be run on all devices just the same, whereas with WebView mobile functions need to be added first.

Would you prefer discussing this in person? Let us know. We’ll be happy to advise as to whether a progressive web application is the right solution for you.

Apps we have developed

ERP system Delpsys

Progressive web application and ERP system

An ERP system implemented using microservices architecture, linked to a progressive web application for easy use even on mobile devices.


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