Cooperation process

Let’s meet up and discuss the project we’re going to work on. Don’t worry, a non-binding and friendly chat does no harm!

Before the development

First of all, we meet in person and discuss your idea and project goals. We need to know what features are required and who the target audience is going to be. Then we move on to a project analysis and create an implementation plan. Fairly often, we come up with an original solution to our clients’ problems ourselves. In any case, the next important step is to choose the right type of cooperation. We mostly end up using one of the agile methodologies described here.


During the development

We prefer agile development which means that the process is divided into milestones or so-called sprints. Every two weeks, we are going to present you with interim results we have achieved so far. Your feedback is of great help to us so we always keep you updated.



Before the launch of the project, we must make sure that everything works as it should. We take care of the testing procedure and make the beta version available for you to try out. Changes to the product can still be made based on your comments.




It’s time to celebrate! Your app or software is ready for release and the launch party can start right away. Everyone can’t wait to start using the app!


After the development

You’ve surely noticed that your favourite apps change over time. Once they spread among the users, there’s new potential for improvement and adding new features. Our continued support is thus inevitable. Therefore, it’s essential to have a well-coordinated team that can incorporate both small and big changes in the code briskly. We’d be happy to provide this service to you and take care of the development needed.

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