Simple software solutions

for complex human problems

We work together to develop software and mobile applications, streamline business processes and make life easier for end users. We love original ideas and sometimes hours fly by when we’re engrossed in the task at hand. But most importantly: We have the best time with all that.

Our clients

Mobile applications

Do you have an idea for a ground-breaking application or would you like to introduce your services or products in the smartphone market?

Using the most up-to-date cross-platform technologies as well as working with Android and iOS codes is not a problem for us. We are also familiar with hybrid applications that can run both on the web and on mobile devices. This leads to cost savings as only one product needs to be developed.

Web applications

Would you like to streamline your workflow processes or facilitate contact with your clients?

Say the word and we can code a web system that will meet these requirements – be it a simple dynamic web app or a technology for thousands of users. Safety, automation and intuitive control – these are essential features of all our products.

Progressive Web applications

A progressive web application is a guarantee that will save you a lot of money, for example, you can run one solution both on the web and on mobile phones. The user uses this application in the same way as all other applications on the phone. Isn't that a great solution?

Are you looking for a software or app development partner?

Would you like to streamline and simplify everyday work processes but don’t know how powerful a smartly designed piece of software can be? Or are you going to launch a mobile app that should gain worldwide popularity?

Together we can achieve any of these goals. Despite being IT professionals, we speak everyday “human” language so why not meet over a cup of coffee?

Information systems

Do you need a complex system to help you with automation and introduce innovations in every department of your company?

We bring simple and fast solutions even for complex issues. Connecting software and hardware is something our coders really enjoy. And the best bit is that information systems save not only time, but also money.

Automated Business processes

Do you need a complex system or just a smaller application that will be connected to your current system, but will be mainly automated?

Even complex things can exist perfectly and quickly for your needs. Combining the automation of certain tasks or business processes may seem complicated, but as a result it will save you a lot of time, thus money.

Services and IoT

We are all-round IT enthusiasts providing many other related services. Connecting different API and SAPI interfaces, deploying complex systems, ensuring automation of business processes and handling the exotic “Internet of Things” – all these tasks fall within our scope of services.

Collaboration that pays off: why call Think Easy to develop software

The world of IT is changing every day, and that means: adapt or die. We know it's not easy to navigate all the new technologies and constantly keep track of the updates that are coming from all sides. But we enjoy it. So you can turn software

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we are most proud of


Web application

The Festada application helps to improve the breeding environment by providing a complete overview of the herd and helps to easily record the pedigree of sheep and goats. All information about animals is clearly recorded.


Multiplatform mobile application

Korkuma for Streamers is one of the tools they can use to sell their products or services. The application contains both live stream and chat, which is used to connect with your fans.

ERP system Delpsys

Progressive web application and ERP

ERP system implemented by microservice architecture connected with a progressive web application for convenient use even on mobile devices.

Our team

We are a team of young dynamic people who enjoy developing software and mobile apps – we just love to play with codes. Innovative technologies are our daily bread and we are always excited to provide simple IT solutions to complex human problems.

Who will take care of
your project

Matous Mojzis


Managing Director and DevOps

“I guarantee your satisfaction with our company. Your app will run like clockwork!”

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Matej Schuh


Development Leader and Architect

“Let’s discuss your problem
and I will suggest a solution.”

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Project Manager

"My goal is make your project perfect."

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