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Our clients

Mobile applications

Content sharing and


Articles are a great way to comprehensively share your thoughts, opinions, and knowledge. The international organization Youth Time, focused on the young generation, therefore wanted to create a mobile application for its club members, which would allow them to comfortably read various types of articles and discuss the content directly in the chat.

Outdoor escape game development


The client came up with a request to create a mobile application that would allow family or friends to play popular escape games (support for up to 6 players). It would include educational and cultural overlap and would be thematically focused on both children and adults.

Web applications

Development of the testing method


The Quality of Care group needed to create an administrative environment for its service, which would work with a third-party application (from Engage Hill s. R. O.) And enable testing using the method of color-word associations inspired by Max Lüscher.

Information systems

Development of ERP System


Our cooperation with the company DelpSys s.r.o. and its founder Jakub Žákavec took off after we have won an invitation to tender for the development of an ERP system in April 2020. Since then, we have made a big progress, created a couple of modules for this system and also launched several other common projects. We have witnessed some important milestones in the life of the company and helped the Legato project to make it through various developmental stages. This study describes all fundamental aspects of our cooperation.

Development of an app for herd evidence


The client only wanted to modify the functional concept of the application and add new functionalities. However, after studying the default version of the application, we came to the conclusion that it would be better to create a completely new application - in modern technologies and easy to use in the future.

Development of the bank system

Development of a banking system with multi-currency accounts

The main requirement of the application operator was to provide clients with practical functions such as a simple account upgrade, exchange of classic (fiat) currencies or the execution of transactions through a simplified banking application. In the first phase, the aim was to enable clients to transfer funds (in classic currencies) without high bank fees, later these functions were to be extended to cryptocurrencies.

IoT and others

Queue management system

Call system for ČSAP o.p.s.

The Czech company AIDS Aid (ČSAP) o.p.s, which deals with testing for sexually transmitted diseases, needed to develop a call system that simplifies waiting in the queue and sending clients from one location to another and automates internal processes of employees.