We develop webapp applications

We can handle a simple dynamic website and technology for thousands of users. We develop web applications. Safety and intuitive operation is a matter of course.

Web applications

  • Some software works better on a computer than on a mobile phone, such as information systems. We will program the ideal solution for you according to your ideas.
  • There is no need to install, update or save anything in the device storage. A web app can be accessed anytime by anyone on any device regardless of the user’s operation system.

  • Costs for the system development are well-spent – you’ll get a universal foundation that can be continuously customised according to your needs.

Website vs. web application

Do you want your website to do more than just to display static content? Compared to a standard website, a web app is able to handle more complex tasks and work with databases. It also enables active content management both for owners and users. Last but not least, it can be connected to business and external apps.

Mobile and web application in one

Do you want the program to run on a computer and on a mobile phone? Thanks to hybrid development, this is not a problem. Thanks to this, we will also reduce the cost of development.

Types of Web app Architecture 

The complexity and robustness of your web app depends solely on your requirements. Single-tier architecture offers a modest foundation with easily customisable design using templates and themes. Two-tier and multi-tier architectures promise much more: 

  • More cooperating tiers and numerous settings and connectivity possibilities.
  • Dynamic page rendering using JavaScript frameworks.
  • Swift and smooth displaying of pages thanks to no reloading.
  • Mobile apps can be connected to back end APIs without the need for changes or further development.
  • You can also order a special type of application: Microservices architecture, which comes in handy particularly in cases where uneven workload for different parts of the system is expected.

Apps we have developed


Reservation system 

The Cordeus is a robust webapp to facilitate the activities of Cordeus a.s. In addition to the functions of the standard reservation system, it offers several turnkey functions, optimization for SEO and connection to marketing tools. 

Sinkor Aquarium

Web application and IoT

The Sinkor Aquarium project with IoT support automates the needs of aquarium floristics using an ESP element connected to the aquarium lighting, which can be set to automatic lighting from a web application.


Web application

Web application in which you can create 2D and 3D images. You don't have to be a graphic designer to create beautiful accessories for your needs. Your account also includes unlimited storage for your generated images.


Web application

Effectcourse is a place for courses of all kinds. You can add, manage or browse all courses in the web application. Several courses are free to try. You get rewards in the form of points for completing the course.


Hybrid web and mobile application

Get a free drink with Freely every day! The app is equipped with both a web-based and a mobile component. The web app tells you all about the bars, while the mobile app guarantees a smooth performance on both Android and iOS devices. To make things even more interesting, its graphic design has a distinct nightlife touch to it.


Web application

The Festada application helps to improve the breeding environment by providing a complete overview of the herd and helps to easily record the pedigree of sheep and goats. All information about animals is clearly recorded.

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