What Is an CRM System And How Can It Help You to Manage Customer Relationships?

Are you sick and tired of laborious matching of orders and looking up of information? Would you like to have no doubts about which customer you should call, when you should call them, and which offer could be relevant for them? Do away with manual tasks and save a lot of precious time! Your customers will be delighted, your staff will be delighted, and your company’s communication and information flow will be improved by introducing a clear structure. With a CRM system you’re never ever going to forget anything!

What Is an CRM System?

A CRM system is software designed primarily for transparent collecting of your company’s customer data. The abbreviation CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management and together with a high-quality information system, this element is indispensable for every business. 

Essentially, it’s a large information database that helps you to learn about your customers, their shopping behaviour, needs and wishes. Moreover, it enables data-based predictions of future demand and allows your business to grow faster.

CRM includes not only the company’s software resources, but also all hardware for CRM, established strategies and processes and representatives for close communication with customers.

What Is the Purpose of a CRM System?

Customer relationship management provides business owners with an overview of all activities of their clients (turnover share, number of orders, best selling products, price level of the purchased products, regularity of purchases etc.) and enables them to effectively manage the collected data.

CRM systems allow you to easily track, sort, measure, monitor and statistically evaluate large quantities of information which would otherwise be difficult to process.

That’s why a CRM system is a key to good customer relationships. Data can give you a valuable hint as to how to communicate with your clients in the right way.

How a CRM System Works

Here are several reasons why an information CRM system will simplify your work.Centralization of information – Each employee and each business department have access to all customer-related data. No more information going lost in the email communication. You’re going to have all documents at your fingertips and be able to look at your invoices and orders at any time.

Lower error rate – Since all data is kept together and stored in a structured manner, your employees don’t have to remember in which files or emails they should look for the required information. Everything can be found easily in the CRM system.

Data visualisation – The stats in the form of neatly structured dashboards, graphs and tables identify the strengths as well as the weaknesses of your business. This feature also tells you whether and in which cases your customers use your helpdesk or other enterprise services.

Keeping everything up-to-date – All changes are immediately effective in the system and everyone in your company knows whether the customer already opened the newsletter, what they bought the last time or that they changed their phone number.

Faster communication – Customer support doesn’t have to look up information about the person calling anymore. Just one click is enough to see their history, contact details and orders that have been made.

Automation of routine operations – A CRM system can work with IoT (Internet of Things) or artificial intelligence and thus take care of repetitive tasks. The automation includes regular reporting, deadline monitoring and sending of transactions emails.

Cooperation with other systems – There is a vast number of third-party services available on today’s market and you won’t be denied access to them. An information system can very easily be connected to accounting systems and other software.

The aim of a CRM system is to always provide great user experience. That’s the only way of mitigating the risk of your existing customers leaving you for the competition to the bare minimum.

When Is a CRM System Worth Integrating Into Your Company? 

There are many reasons why you should go for the implementation of a CRM system. This applies especially if you would like to:

  • have all information at one place,
  • improve your customer services,
  • bring a clear structure into the information flow and processing,
  • know your customers and their needs better,
  • automate company processes and save time,
  • increase your customers’ satisfaction,
  • optimize your marketing and sales campaigns,
  • predict the behaviour of existing customers,
  • maximize security of all sensitive data.

In any case, a CRM system helps you to shift your focus from products to customers. It’s customers who bring you money and who should be taken good care of in every situation. A convenient customer experience means they won’t have to wait unnecessarily long and that there will always be someone to communicate with them, especially in case of complaints or other issues.

Remember: A CRM system is a robust software, which is difficult to modify after its implementation. The supplier should therefore be carefully selected, with the quality aspect being a priority from the very beginning.

When And Why Is It Worth Having a Custom-Made CRM System?

The so-called out-of-box solution, which is completely pre-configured and requires nothing more than import of data, can indeed be fast and cost-effective, but at the same time rather inflexible. However, with this solution it’s difficult to make your services really stand out – you’d have to settle for the limited features of the given system. 

Benefits of a CRM Information System

With a custom-made information CRM, these problems won’t bother you anymore. The individual details will be designed by our developers, tailored exactly to your requirements. They allow for flexible reworking over time and adjusting to your current needs. Such a CRM system won’t drag you down – on the contrary, it will grow with you.

Sample of a Personalised CRM System

Think Easy has rich experience with development of such CRM systems. For one of our clients, we designed a banking system with multicurrency accounts where the customers can very easily manage their accounts and, if needed, contact the customer support through chat.

Think Easy Is Ready to Help with CRM System Development

Do you still hesitate whether it’s a good idea to go for a CRM system?  Are you not sure whether it’s worth it, or are you just considering what shape you should give it to achieve the best results? We’ll be happy to advise you as to which solution is best suited for your business and your personal style!

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