Cooperation That Pays Off: What Makes Think Easy No. 1 Partner for Your Project

The world of IT is in a state of constant flux. That’s why it’s not much of an exaggeration to say: Adapt or die. We know how difficult it is to keep up with all the new technology and constantly look out for updates coming from all directions. Believe it or not, our team actually enjoys it! This means you can leave the software development with us and get a solution that withstands the test of time. So what’s in it for you?

How Can Think Easy Benefit Your Business

  • Simplification – we will streamline the processes in individual departments or across the entire company using automation.
  • Savings – we will save both your costs and your time as we have years of experience in the development of information systems.
  • Experience – we will provide your customers with an improved user experience and navigate them smoothly through the app interface.
  • Variability – we will offer software that can be modified and extended according to the demands of the market as well as your own preferences.

We focus on systems that combine several IT fields. Amongst other projects, we have developed a queue management system which required programming both back end and a web app (running on the kiosk and televisions). Finally, the system was also equipped with a barcode reader and a printer for numbered tickets.” – Matouš Mojžíš, CEO

When Does Our Expertise Come in Handy the Most?

It’s simple – if you want to get easily discovered on the Internet. In most cases, we develop apps for multiple platforms, such as web, iOS, Android or desktop. It doesn’t matter what operation system you have – we work with Windows, MacOS and Linux, so name it!

The app can be designed separately or, using the hybrid or cross-platform development methods, in such a way that it can run on all platforms and the user can easily switch between them according to preference.

Think Easy might also be the best choice for those who need to connect the app with IoT.

We rely heavily on cloud containers – specifically in Amazon Web Services. Our systems’ setup is fail-safe: The mirrored version can run even in case of a failure and the performance goes up with increasing workload.“ – Matouš Mojžíš, Managing Director of Think Easy

Cooperation With Think Easy Is Well-Structured

We always know what we are doing and stick to our clearly defined action plan. This ensures that the development process is well-structured and nothing gets missed.

For the complete cooperation process including individual steps, please visit:

In brief, everything starts with a face-to-face or online meeting and creating project documentation based on your requirements. We then proceed to the actual development process divided into several spurts. Consequently, we discuss your feedback and fine-tune the product to your satisfaction. However, our job does not end there. We’re always there for the client, modify the new system according to their wishes and provide regular servicing and necessary updates so that everything runs smoothly.

Our Clients’ References Speak Louder than Thousand Words

I have appreciated the style of communication since the very first meeting. Think Easy is a progressive business run by young and vigorous people! I’m so glad to have come across this company as their approach is really professional! During the development we’ve stayed in touch on a daily basis and always managed to agree on improvements or modifications. Thank you!”

Michal Parkanský

Our portfolio includes light fixture for aquariums, a queue management system or a charity app.
What do our clients have to say about our work?

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