Queue Management System for ČSAP

Case Study: Queue Management System for ČSAP o. p. s.


Client’s wish

Handy programmes and technologies can often be of great help to healthcare systems. The Czech AIDS Help Society (ČSAP o. p. s.), providing tests for venereal diseases, demanded a queue management system that would streamline the waiting process, navigate clients from one station to another, and automate internal operations. It was also demanded that the software offered an interface for systems already in use.

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How we approached the project

It was imperative to design a truly interconnected ecosystem so that each television could communicate with the system in real time and display the right queue. This was necessary for calling clients to different stations. Depending on the settings, the televisions could also show ads or other announcements on parts of the screens, using pre-programmed screens in the NoviSign app (www.novisign.com).

On top of all that, the kiosk was supposed to print numbered tickets for new clients and let those who come to collect their test results scan their QR codes.


At first, a conventional desktop app with a QR code reader and a thermal printer seemed to be the ideal choice. In the end, however, we concluded that the best solution would be a web app designed in React.js. This option was used for the televisions as well. The system back end and API were designed in the Django Rest Framework in Python. The app is easily accessible using a browser on the kiosk screen.


System highlights

  • Automated calls from queues
  • Queue balancing
  • Priority calls from queues
  • Directing clients from one station to another without employees’ assistance
  • Increasing clients’ comfort
  • Calling clients from the ČSAP “CRM”
  • Entering clients’ data into the ČSAP “CRM”
  • Detailed statistics concerning the workload – average waiting time, number of served clients by station (this helps to streamline the entire process)
  • Possibilities for further automation, such as a booking system


Czech AIDS Help Society (ČSAP o. p. s.) is a non-profit organization providing tests for venereal diseases (https://www.aids-pomoc.cz/information-in-english.html)

Time framework

  • 3 months

Client’s reference

“To boost the efficiency of our healthcare centre, we decided to use a queue management system for incoming clients. We needed a tailor-made application that could be used together with the already deployed systems. Think Easy won the selection process and created a system that satisfied all our requirements. The development process was extremely smooth and we truly appreciate the team’s generous offer to assist us with future modifications at all times.”

Lukáš Rybníček, ČSAP o. p. s.

Screen of system