We develop web applications

We can create a simple dynamic web as well as a technology for thousands of users. Safety and intuitive control are essential features of all our products.

Web applications

Some software, such as information systems, works better on a desktop rather than on a mobile phone. We will make sure to code the perfect solution based on your ideas.

Mobile application and web together

Do you need your program to run both on desktops and mobile devices? Cross-platform development can take care of that for you. Equally, this method allows us to reduce development costs.

Apps we have developed


Booking system

The Cordeus booking system is a robust web application facilitating the business activities of the Cordeus a.s. company. Apart from standard features of the booking system, the application is also characterized by several custom-made features, SEO optimization and marketing tools connection.

Sinkor Aquarium

Web application and IoT

Sinkor Aquarium is an IoT project for automation in the area of aquarium plants cultivation. The system uses an ESP element connected to the light fixture that can be switched to automatic operation from the web app.


Web application

A web application for creating 2D and 3D images. You don’t have to be a graphic designer to create beautiful accessories for your own purposes. Your account features an unlimited storage for your generated images and unfinished projects.


Web application

Effectcourse is a platform for various courses. The web application enables adding, managing and browsing all courses, with some of them being available for free trial. Users of this app gain points for completing the courses.


Hybrid solution combining web and mobile applications

Get a free drink with Freely every day! The app is equipped with both a web-based and a mobile component. The web app tells you all about the bars, while the mobile app guarantees a smooth performance on both Android and iOS devices. To make things even more interesting, its graphic design has a distinct nightlife touch to it.

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